Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017 Basics
Hampton Christian Academy

The videos below are for instructional purposes and are not to be distributed to others. The videos run better if you save them to your computer first. Right click on each link and choose "Save Target As". During this course the videos will be updated periodically, especially if a mistake is pointed out to me, so it is best to download only a few at a time.


Third Week Overview

Assignments due from previous weeks!!!

1. Visualization D
2. Oil Pump Base, Stand, and Crossbeam Inventor files.

I have entered all grades into Renweb. You should be able to login and see your grades. If any assignments are missing, you need to turn them in now. I will start taking off points for late assignments starting next Monday, Sept 22nd.

Assignments due this weeks!!!

1. Visualization A
2. Crank Inventor file. If there were problems with the parts from last week, please correct them and turn them with this file.
3. Practice Constraints Test
Note: Wednesday is the end of the first mid term grading period!

Visualization A
Due Monday, Sept 12 - The Visualization A is made up of four target models at the top of the page and they are labeled: Right, Back, Front and Left. The top surface slopes to the left, front, back or right. The front surface has an angled cut on it.   In your mind, you have to rotate them to determine where the top surface is and which direction it slopes. In the blue cells of the spreadsheet, enter the answers, R, B, F, L.
Once you have finished, please send it to me. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Crank
Due Tuesday, Sept 13 - This is the fourth part of the Oil Pump. If there are mistakes in the Base, Stand or Frame, and the Crossbeam that you finished last week, correct them and submit them again also. When you finish this, I want you to combine all 4 files into a zipped folder and email them it to me. Name the folder (Oil Pump Last Name) If you do not know how to make a conpressed zipped folder, click here. Even though this video shows you putting all the parts into the zipped folder, you are only going to include the first 4 parts.

Practice Constraints Test Files
Parctice Constraints Test Video
Due Thursday, Sept 15
This is a practice test and it mimics a real test coming up in a few weeks. So it is important to understand the procedure and what I am looking for. The first thing you will need to do is to right click on the zipped folder and extract the files. It is best to keep the files in the same location as the zipped folder. In this folder are 10 Inventor files, representing 10 questions assoicated with this Practice Test. There is also a word document with the questions. You are to type your answers onto the word document and only submit the word document. This test will focus on the icons on the Constraints Panel of the Sketch Ribbon. Any answer that states to add or delete a dimension is automatically wrong.

There are several keys that will make it go easier.

1. When you open the sketch and you see some green lines, you immediately know that you will have to add a constraint.
2. If the lines are all black, then you will have to delete a constraint.
3. If the lines are green, grab a point and move it to see how the sketch distorts. This will help to determine what kind of constraint is missing (there could be more than one answer).
4. If the lines are all black, the question will identify the location of the problem. You will then need to click on the constraints to determine which needs to be deleted. (There will be only one possible answer)

If you have not registered for the Autodesk Educational Community, please do. On the first page click on sign in at the top. Then there is a link "Need an educational account". Fill in all the necessary information to create an account. This will allow you to download a full student version and put it on your home computer.

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