Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017 Basics
Hampton Christian Academy

The videos below are for instructional purposes and are not to be distributed to others. The videos run better if you save them to your computer first. Right click on each link and choose "Save Target As". During this course the videos will be updated periodically, especially if a mistake is pointed out to me, so it is best to download only a few at a time.


Fifth Week Overview

Assignments due from previous weeks!!!

1. Visualization B (Due Monday)
2. Practice Test 1 (Due Tuesday)
3. Oil Pump Handle, 3 Pins and Connecting Rod (These 5 parts are all Due Friday)

I have entered all grades into Renweb. You should be able to login and see your grades. If any assignments are missing, you need to turn them in now. These assignments were due last week. As of Monday, Sept 22nd, 5 points will be deducted for each day these assignments are late. If there is some difficulty with these deadlines, you need to email me immediately, so we can discuss it.

Assignments due this weeks!!!

1. Constraints Test (Due Tuesday)
Note: Wednesday is the end of the first mid term grading period!
2. Visualization E (Due Wednesday)
3. Oil Pump Assembly (Please Include all 9 parts plus the assembly file) (Due Friday)

Constraints Test
Due Monday, Sept 26- This is the first test. The link will provide you a zipped folder with 10 files and a word document. Use the files to answer the questions on the word document. When you finish, email me the word document by Tuesday!!!!!

Visualization E
Due Wednesday, September 28 - The Visualization E is designed to be a fun and challenging visualization problem. Download the Excel file and open it. You will see a picture with 4 views. The isometric view is to the upper right with letters. The top view is to the upper left. The front view is to the lower left and the right side view is to the lower right. The top, front and right side orthographic views all have numbers on the sufaces. If the arrow points to a line, then that is an edge view of the surface. If the black dot is a circle, then it refers to a surface that is hidden behind other surfaces, like #17 in the right side view. The surfaces of the isometric view is labeled with letters. You are to match the letters with the appropriate number. So since surface 1 in the top view cooresponds with surface A in the isometric view, you would enter "A" in the blue cell 5B.
Once you have finished, please send it to me. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oil Pump Assembly
Due Friday, September 30 - We are now going to put everything together into an assembly. You will need to create a drive constraint to animate the model. If you have corrected any parts or have not turned them in, you must send me those parts as well. If I do not have all the parts, then I will not be able to open the assembly.

If you have not registered for the Autodesk Educational Community, please do. On the first page click on sign in at the top. Then there is a link "Need an educational account". Fill in all the necessary information to create an account. This will allow you to download a full student version and put it on your home computer.

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