Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017 Basics
Hampton Christian Academy

The videos below are for instructional purposes and are not to be distributed to others. The videos run better if you save them to your computer first. Right click on each link and choose "Save Target As". During this course the videos will be updated periodically, especially if a mistake is pointed out to me, so it is best to download only a few at a time.


Sixth Week Overview

Assignments due from previous weeks!!!

1. Constraints Test (Due Tuesday)
2. Visualization E (Due Wednesday)
3. Oil Pump Assembly (Please Include all 9 parts plus the assembly file) (Due Friday)

I have entered all grades into Renweb. You should be able to login and see your grades. The averaging is close but not completely correct yet. Missing assignments will be calculated as a "0', but right now, it is not including them in the calculations, which is inflating the grades.

Assignments due this weeks!!!

1. Oil Pump Studio with 2 pictures(Due Tuesday)
2. Oil Pump Presentation (Due Thursday)
3. Oil Pump Drawings - (Due by the following Wednesday)

Oil Pump Studio
Due Tuesday, October 4 - This assignment will focus on the marketing aspects of this project. We are going to go into Inventor Studio to create some quality pictures that could be used for marketing. The Studio also has the ability to create interesting animations and movies that can be used for marketing, but we will address thosse features later. This video is from an earlier version of Inventor, so there may be some minor differences. I do want to emphasis that the video for this assignment is designed to provide guidelines to the process, but you are free to use your imagination to create the most interesting pictures you can. I will be looking for at least 3 pictures, but you can always provide more. You will only need to turn in the pictures.

Oil Pump Presentation
Due Friday, October 7 - I know everyone has purchased items that require assembly. Usually, the directions are in the form of printed material. In this assignment, we will create a video to show how the model would be assembled. The video will provide some guidelines, but you are free to use your imagination to create the most interesting presentation you can. Provided you have not made any changes to the assembly and parts, it is only necessary to turn in the presentation file that has a prefix of .ipn

Oil Pump Drawings Views
Oil Pump Drawings Annotations
Due the following Wednesday, October 12 - In the past, virtually all drawings were in the form of 2D orthographic, section and detailed views. But with the technology today, it is more practical to create the 3D models and generate the views from the models. In this way, any change to the model will immediately be reflected in the drawing. This assignment will consist of creating 5 sheets. Sheet one will be a colored picture of the assembly. Sheet will be a colored picture of the exploded view generated by the presentation model. The next three sheets will be of the base, frame and crossbeam. It is not necessary to create drawings for the other parts, as the file starts to get very large, making it difficult to submit. Providing you have not made any changes to the parts, assembly or presentation, you only need to submit the drawing file that has a prefix of .idw.

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