Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017 Basics
Hampton Christian Academy

The videos below are for instructional purposes and are not to be distributed to others. I have saved most of the videos onto your computer. If you look on the C drive and in the folder HCHS, you will find higher quality videos that what you download from this webpage.


Eleventh Week Overview, November 7-11

Assignments due from previous weeks!!!

1. Amino Acid Model (Due Friday, November 4)

Assignments due this weeks!!!

1. Diamond Molecule (Due Friday, November 11)

Diamond Molecule A
Diamond Molecule B
Diamond Molecule C
Due Friday, November 11 - We are going to use the same parts from the Amino Acid Model. Since carbon creates this unique tetrahedral shape, we can model only alpha carbons to create the hardest material known to man, the diamond. We will do this in 3 steps to avoid confusion. Remember the anglel between adjacent pair of pins will be 109.47 degrees,

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