Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017 Basics
Hampton Christian Academy

The videos below are for instructional purposes and are not to be distributed to others. I have saved most of the videos onto your computer. If you look on the C drive and in the folder HCHS, you will find higher quality videos that what you download from this webpage.


18th Week Overview, January 9-13

Assignments due from previous weeks!!!

1. Lego Project idea (Due Friday, January6)

Assignments due this weeks!!!

1. Lego Brick (Due Friday, January 13th)

Lego Brick
Lego Brick ipart
Lego Brick ipart Correction

Due Friday, January 16 - You are going to design a common brick and then turn it into an ipart. This will give you plenty of different size bricks and they can be easily redesigned to create customized bricks. I suggest that each student makes a different color, so that the parts can be shared.

If you finish the assignments for this week, please take the extra time to work on your Lego Project. This is important to take some time each week to develop the project. If you have problems with a particular part or assembly, you can ask for help. If you wait until the last few weeks, you will not be able to get a lot of assistance, simply because time is short.

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