Autodesk Inventor Professional 2015 Basics
Hampton Christian Academy

The videos below are for instructional purposes and are not to be distributed to others. I have saved most of the videos onto your computer. If you look on the C drive and in the folder HCHS, you will find higher quality videos that what you download from this webpage.


31st Week Overview, April 10 - April 14

Assignments due from previous weeks!!!

1. Winch Final Assembly (Due Friday, April 7th)

Assignments due this weeks!!!

1. Final Project Progress (Due Friday, April 4th)

Due Friday, April 14th - This week we will start the final project. I have provided some zipped folders below that can provide some ideas for you to choose from. This does not mean that you have to choose one of these. They are only there to offer ideas to get you thinking on something that you would like to do. Another option is to work as a team. In this scenario, you will all be working on different parts of the same project. This will provide collaboration between each of you. I want you to discuss this among yourselves and give me some feedback on your ideas, whether this will be individual projects or a group project and what it will be? Once I have your ideas, I can provide you some feedback as to how to progress.

Final Project Ideas 1
Final Project Ideas 2

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