Autodesk Inventor Professional 2018 Basics

The videos below are for instructional purposes and are not to be distributed to others. The videos run better if you save them to your computer first. Right click on each link and choose "Save Target As". During the course the videos will be updated, especially if a mistake is pointed out to me, so it is best to download only a few at a time.


First Day
Study Place
Second Day


Ribbon Orientation
Application Optins
Browser User Interface
Files and Navigation
Measurement Presentation

The Wall

Oil Pump

Cross Beam
Connecting Rod

Drawing Views
Drawing Annotations


Hex Head Machine Bolt
Fastener Ipart
Flat Head Machine Bolt
Round Head Machine Bolt
Fillister Head Machine Bolt
Socket Head Machine Bolt
Hex Nut
Problems with Registry

Constraints Assignments

Constraints Files
Constraint Video

Advanced Features

Hair Dryer Pics
Hair Dryer 01
Hair Dryer 02
Hair Dryer 03
Hair Dryer 04

Descriptive Geometry

Descriptive Geometry Files
Descriptive Geometry

Amino Acid

Alpha Carbon
Amino Acid
Amino Acid Assembly
Diamond Molecule A
Diamond Molecule B
Diamond Molecule C

Welded Table

Hexagon Assembly
Triangle Assembly
Brace Assembly
Table Assembly
Table Presentation


Adjusting Shim
Axle Snap Ring
Bearing Assembly
Cotter Pin
Cross Head
Hex Bolt
Keeper Plate
Plain Washer
Round Head Machine Screw
Side Plate
Slotted Hex Nut
Wheel Snap Ring
Trolley Assembly

Planetary Gear System Pictures and Files
Gear terminology
Gear Parameters
Gear Construction
Gear Iparts
Gear Base
Gear Cluster Assembly
12T and 18T gear for PGS
48T Ring gear for PGS
PGS Carrier
Planetary Gear System
Planetary Gear IAssy

Lego Mania

Lego Brick
Lego Brick ipart

Lego Technic Brick
Lego Round Technic Brick

Lego Pivot Pin
Lego Shaft
Lego End Cap
Lego Yoke
Lego UJoint

Lego Parallel Bar Assy A
Lego Parallel Bar Assy B
Lego Parallel Bar Assy C

XBar Assy A
XBar Assy B

UJoint Assy A
UJoint Assy B

Lego Lift Assembly Test

Beveled Gear
2013 Special Lego Parts
2015 Other Lego Parts
2018 Other Lego Parts

Other Lego Parts

Angular Brick 1x1
Plate 1X2 W. 1 Knob
Roof Tile 2X3/25
Corner Round 10x10
Wedge 10x3x3
Banner 26 deg.


Winch Gear 12T
Winch Gear 48T
Winch Axle Shaft
Winch Crank Spacing
Winch Gear Cover Plate
Winch Handle
Winch Housing
Winch Lock
Winch Plate

Winch Ratchet
Winch Sleeve
Winch Spring
Winch Wooden Handle
Winch Bolt Handle
Winch Axle
Winch Carriage Bolt
Winch Fasteners
Winch Cable Assy
Winch Housing Assy
Winch Handle Assy
Winch Assembly

Monitor Project

Harrison B Stern19
Alec B Stern20
Joseph C Bow14
Jonathan D Bow16
Oren F Bow17
Elijah J Bow18
Lance K Bow19
Alex K Bow20
Timothee P Bow21
Gai R Bow22
Keziah S Bow23
Colby W Bow24
Daniel W Bow25
Marshall W Bow26
Simeon Y Stern25

Tyler B SideWall
Ian B Stern19
Emily C Stern15
Matthew C BackShortWall
Caleb E Stern16
Mack J Stern17
Marcus M Stern20
Alex K-Bow14
Zach M 3DoorWallPanel
Cameron O BackLongWall

Cabin Parts

Bulkhead Video
Interior Armor Belt Video
Propeller Shroud Video

Final Project Renderings

01 Rendering Pictures
02 Rendering Animations

Other Videos

01 Bicycle Frame
02 Bicycle Spokes

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