AutoDesk Inventor Professional 2018
Advanced Course

The videos below are for instructional purposes and are not to be distributed to others. The videos run better if you save them to your computer first. Right click on each link and choose "Save Target As" During the course the videos will be updated, especially if a mistake is pointed out to me, so it is best to download only a few at a time.


Study Place
Second Day

Geneva Stop Project

Driven Wheel
Drive Wheel

Kinematics Sketcher Assignment Videos

After each assignment, there is a short quiz on blackboard to take.

Vector Question 01
Vector Question 02
Vector Question 03
Vector Question 04
Vector Question 05
Vector Question 06
Vector Question 07
Vector Question 08
Vector Question 09
Vector Question 10
Sliding Ladder
Rolling Wheel
Engine Centros Method
Engine Parallel Line Method
Engine Component Method
Engine Relative Velocity
Oil Pump Centros Method
Oil Pump Parallel Line
Oil Pump Component
Oil Pump Relative Velocity

The Bottle

Bottle Pictures
Bottle - Part 1
Bottle - Part 2
Bottle - Part 3
BottleMEM Complete Model

Gun Carriage

Friction Plates
Inside Plate
Angle Iron
Front Plate
Angle Iron B

Angle Iron Top

Wooden Sides
Wooden Holes
Outside Plate
Trunnion Support Bottom
Trunnion Support Top

Top Plate
Front and Back Plate
Left Side Assembly

Cannon Part 2
Cannon Screw
Cannon Support Wheel Part
Cannon Guide Wheel Parts
Cannon Clamp Parts
Cannon Kickback Clamp
Cannon Base Modification

Oil Pump

DS Assembly

2 Cylinder Engine

Engine Parts
Engine Assembly

Arbor Press Assignments

Arbor Press Parts
Frame Assembly
Gear and Handle
Rack and Table
Arbor Press Assembly
Dynamic Simulation Linear
Dynamic Simulation Cosine

Gate Assignments

Gate Parts
Gate Assembly
Gate Forces
Gate Stress Anaylsis

Cam Assignments

Cam Parts
Cam Path
Cam Assembly
Cam Stress Analysis

Wankel Engine

Wankel Engine Parts
Wankel Engine Trace
Wankel Engine Formula

Newcomen Engine

Newcomen Engine Parts
Newcomen Eng Assembly
Newcomen Eng Adaptation

USS Monitor Steering

Steering Parts
Steering Assembly
Steering Adaptive Ropes
Monitor Engine Parts

Chain Drive

Chain Drive Parts
Chain Drive Assembly

Differential Gears

Design Accelerator
Diff Gear Assembly


Finite Element Analysis

Pipe Analysis 01
Pipe Analysis 02
IBeam Analysis 03
Rect Beam Analysis 04
Pressure Bell Analysis 05

USS Monitor

Engine Parts
Cannon Parts
Steering Parts
Turret Parts

Final Project Renderings

01 Rendering Pictures
02 Rendering Animations

Group Project

01 Ferris Wheel
02 Ferris Wheel
03 Ferris Wheel

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